County League Rules 2021-22

1.The competition shall be open to all Clubs affiliated to the Sussex County Women’s Indoor Bowling Association.

2.Administration for the competition shall be controlled by the Secretary (2021-22)

3.The entrance fee is carried forward from 2020-21.

4.Each Club will play 5/6 other Clubs on a home and away basis making 10/12 matches.11 points will be awarded as follows:5 Rink matches: 6 points for a win, plus 1 point for each winning rinkHalf a point for each drawn rinkIn the event of one rink not arriving –1 point for opposing rinkIn the event of a game cancellation, full green fees (green fee and match meal) will be charged as per Club rules.

5.Each section will play10/12 games. Winners of each section will play on a date to be arranged to decide overall winner.

6.The home Club shall send a result form signed by both Captains to the Secretary within 48 hours of the match. Score cards to be kept by each Club in case of queries.

7.Any Club failing to field a team on the agreed match date, then 6 points will be awarded to the opposing team. Consideration to be given in the event of extreme weather e.g. snow, flooding, making travel dangerous.

8.Matches to consist of 18 ends only, with two trial ends, toss for Jack.

9.In the event of a player being unable to continue to play due to accident, illness or other valid reason then a reserve, if present must play. If there is no reserve present on the defaulting rink, the lead and two shall play with 3 woods and skip with 2 woods, but that team shall forfeit one quarter of its score from when the substitution became necessary.

10.Players who belong to more than one Club can only play the League games for one and the same Club. Any Club fielding a player who played for another Club will forfeit the points for that match.

11.All rinks must play members from their own Club. Rinks must consist of 4 players.

12.Captains must draw for rinks before the start of play.

Section 1: Adur, Arun, Grattons, Horsham, Preston, Worthing, Worthing Pavilion.

Section 2: Denton Island, Eastbourne, Egerton Park, Falaise, Langney, Wealden.

In fairness to all Clubs, please try to re-arrange a match that due to unforeseen circumstances has been cancelled


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