County Competition Rules 2019-20


  1. The Competitions shall be confined to those Clubs affiliated to the Association.
  2. Competitors may only represent one Club in County Competitions in any one season.
  3. All Competitions shall be played under the Management of the Sussex County Women's Indoor Bowling Association. In the event of any disputes, the Competition Secretary's decision is final.
  4. Entries will only be accepted when submitted by the Ladies Club Secretary on the form provided on the understanding that facilities will be provided by the Challenger's Club. All entry fees to be paid with the entry form. Cheques to be made payable to SCWIBA.
  5. A competent person to be in attendance at Quarter and Semi-Finals. Qualified Umpires and Markers at Finals.
  6. The SCWIBA, GPC shall make the draw, fix closing dates and times for playing each round. No extensions beyond the date fixed will be allowed except for extenuating circumstances. Any team giving a walkover after winning a round(s) should be barred from entering that competition the following year.
  7. Substitutes - one additional and the same player, may be used at any one time provided she has not already played in the competition concerned. If a substitute is required prior to the start of the game, she may play in any position. If, during the game, a substitute is required, she may play in any position except Skip. The first round constitutes the team including the named entrant.
  8. The first name drawn shall be the Challenger. The Challenger shall have the choice of Green, except in the Final. Competitors unable to play on their Home Green may play away on their Opponent's Green or on a Neutral Green.
  9. The Challenger shall offer the Opponent 2 dates (not consecutive unless by mutual consent)  one of which may be a weekend. (Please be considerate when arranging matches with players who are working). The Opponent must accept one of the 2 dates given, unless the Opponent is playing in a National/County Match or competition, or concede a walkover. A challenge must be made no later than 14 days before the final date of the preliminary round only. All other rounds thereafter, the challenge must be made within 5 days of the closing date of the previous round. When dates are offered, the arrangement must be confirmed witin 72 hours and any arrangement must be adhered to. If no challenge is made then it may go to the opposition to challenge. If the original Challenger is unable to accept dates then she has to concede the game. In the event of no challenge from either player then the Competition Secretary will intervene and, if no agreement can be made, then the original Challenger shall concede the game.
  10. Competitors travelling less than 50 miles may not be asked to commence a game before 10.00am or after 6.30pm unless by mutual consent. Competitors should not be asked to play before 12 noon, nor commence after 2pm, if the distance between Clubs is more than 50 miles, except by mutual agreement. Consideration to be given in the event of extreme weather conditions, e.g. snow, flooding, making travelling dangerous.
  11. If any competitor is not ready to play within 30 minutes after the fixed time, the opposing competitor may claim a walkover. Such claims shall be made to the Competition Secretary within 24 hours of the fixed date. If a game cannot be completed due to exceptional circumstances, the Competition Secretary should be informed immediately and competitors should return to complete the game within 7 days.
  12. Games shall consist as follows:
             Pairs/Fours - 21 ends or 4 hours (to include trial ends).

             Triples - 18 ends or 4 hours (to include trial ends).

             Singles - 21 shots.

  1. The results of the match to be telephoned to the Competition Secretary IMMEDIATELY after the game and the scorecard, showing the names of all players and signed by both Skips, sent to the Compeititon Secretary WITHIN 24 hours of the completion of the game.
  2. All competitors are to pay their own green fees.
  3. All bowls must bear a legible Bowls Stamp for 1985 or later.
  4. Uniform - Grey skirts/tailored trousers with Club tops. Finals - White skirts/trousers/culottes/regulation white cropped trousers with Club tops.


An unbadged President will receive a County Badge at the AGM following her term in Office as President.

A County Badge can be obtained by success in County Competitions.

An Unbadged County Player who wins the British Isles Championship will be awarded her County Badge.

Points will be awarded to competitors on the following basis:

County Pairs/County Fours             Last Sixteen                                    1 point
                                                              Quarter Finalists                            2 points
                                                              Semi Finalists                                 3 points
                                                              Losing Finalists                              4 points

Unbadged Singles/                          Quarter Finalists                           1 point
Unbadged Triples                             Semi Finalists                               2 points
                                                              Losing Finalists                            3 points

Winners will be awarded their County Badge.

A County Badge will be awarded when 6 points have been earned over a period not exceeding 8 years. No points will be awarded to a substitute unless she plays at least 3 games continuously, not including the final.

County Badged players, including Juniors, will be eligible for consideration in County Matches and Unbadged players who have attained 6 points will be given their badges on Finals Day (in uniform) or may wait for a County Match during the following year.

All competitors in County Competitions must be current members of an Affiliated Club and purchase a County Handbook.


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